Validate’s actuarial automation platform helps ACOs forecast and manage risk.

Validate Health offers a unique actuarial and financial optimization platform for ACOs

Now ACOs can have all the financial
tools available to insurance companies,
plus unique capabilities needed for ACOs.

…All in a super simple package.


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Validate’s platform helps you increase revenue, decrease expenses and manage risk to get your ACO’s finances under control.

Validate Health is a thought leader in actuarial automation, optimization and best practices

The virtuous feedback loop: A better approach to ACO management

Our methodology has been adopted from the Agile enterprise model, but with ACOs in mind.

Continuously adjust your operations as you identify root causes for your results and forecast the impacts of your options.

Financial ACO optimization is not a one time exercise. If you’re not continuously adapting to the changing regulatory and competitive landscape, you risk losses and instability.

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We have access to data assets and methodologies that give ACOs the competitive advantage

What makes Validate solutions different?

Validate Health combines three disciplines to achieve its ACO solutions. It starts with actuarial best practices in the field for health insurance. That’s augmented with both publicly and privately sourced metrics and benchmarks. The results are validated by clinical oversight to ensure they are valid and actionable from the perspective of population health and healthcare regulatory requirements.

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With deep understanding of public health, policy and healthcare regulatory issues

Know that you’re in good company