Webinar: Using Your PY 2022 MSSP Settlement for PY 2024 Decisions

PURPOSE: This webinar will help you interpret your settlement report and learn how to leverage for decisions: frequently asked questions, surprises about national trends, and examples of settlement calculations. Since there is still time to make selections for PY 2024 (due September 5th), the webinar will dive into considerations for the decisions remaining: dropping participants, early renewal, track selection, assignment methodology, and MSR/MLR.

CONSIDERATIONS: This year has several complicating factors that need to be taken into account to maximize your chances for peak performance. The newest complication is the draft MPFS24 (CY 2024 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule) proposed in July 2023. We have been busy updating our simulation models to take these changes into account. They are being added to the changes we have already incorporated and been educating the ACO community about this year: the MPFS23 final rule, CMS-HCC V28 model release and related model version skew, the extension of early renewal decisions to December 5, and the ending of COVID PHE.

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