PY 2023 decisions for ACOs: Webinar Series

Validate Health is launching a webinar series to guide ACOs through the financial and actuarial considerations going into 2023 model and participant selection, due September 9. The topic is especially challenging this year since ACOs need to consider the impact of the proposed Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (MPFS) released in July, the 2021 MSSP shared savings settlements released on August 22nd, and the widespread availability of multi-ACO enablers as alternatives to CMS models.


What can still be done to impact 2022 shared savings

Wed, Sept 14, 2022 @ 1pm ESTREGISTER
— Free for ACOs and provider organizations —

This final webinar covers actions for the remaining 3.5 months of 2022, including beneficiary attribution and churn management, preparation for switching between prospective and retrospective assignment, HCC risk coding gap closure, and reducing modifiable utilization. We will also discuss calculating shared savings contributions by TIN and NPI, breaking it out into actionable components using root cause analysis, retention of high performers, and the feedback loop to low performers.


Using Your PY 2021 Settlement for PY 2023 Selections by Sept 9th

Mon, Aug 29, 2022 – REQUEST CONTENT
— Free for ACOs and provider organizations —

This webinar addresses common questions about settlement calculations and specific examples of settlement reports. Since there is still time to make decisions for PY 2023 (due September 9th), the webinar will dive into considerations for the decisions remaining, including dropping participants, selecting prospective vs. retrospective assignment method, and track selection.

Last chance to decide between MSSP and REACH

Tue, Aug 23, 2022 – REQUEST CONTENT

— Free for ACOs and provider organizations —

For ACOs that are still on the fence about whether to take the REACH path or MSSP, Andrew Webster breaks out the considerations from financial opportunity and risk exposure perspective. This decision might be especially challenging since CMMI is not planning to have new REACH entrants in future years.

Financial Changes in the Proposed 2023 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule

Thur, July 28, 2022REQUEST CONTENT

Andrew Webster does a deep dive into the proposed Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (MPFS) with an eye towards how it will affect the financials around your PY 2023 (and PY 2024) decisions. This topic is especially important to ACOs, since the MPFS proposes changing the Pathways glide path to make more options available to you for 2023. The webinar includes illustrative examples to help ACOs understand the financial impact of changes around benchmark calculation, regional adjustment, prior savings adjustment, risk adjustment, and accountable care prospective trend (ACPT). It also covers considerations around benchmark rebasement when deciding to start a new agreement period.

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PY 2023 Decisions for Competing with or Participating in Multi-ACO Enablers


ACOs are challenged with selecting from a wide assortment of multi-ACO enablers** as alternatives to CMS’s BASIC, ENHANCED and REACH models. In this webinar, we explore how ACOs can evaluate contracts from these companies side-by-side with the “bare” CMS models and tracks. We’ll focus on the financial and actuarial aspects of the decisions: how to compare payout probability, downside risk exposure, impact from being pooled with other providers, regional adjustment, and savings distribution methods. We also discuss evaluating past enabler performance, your performance compared to other participants, and likelihood of increasing earned savings based on enabler core competence.

** Enabler refers to venture backed multi-ACO companies (such as Aledade and Caravan), as well as Payer-owned entities holding GPDC/REACH contracts.


Andrew M. Webster, MS, ASA, MAAA – Chief Actuary at Validate Health and Actuarial Advisor to NAACOS
Designed actuarial optimization services exclusively for ACOs and DCEs
Provided actuarial research to NAACOS, AAMC, and SOA, including policy evaluation, risk assessment and COVID impact
Simulated financial impact of proposed CMS policy changes for feedback to industry associations and government

David Portnoy, MBA – Chief Technology Officer at Validate Health and Past EIR Fellow at U.S.HHS/CMS
Developed method to convert CMS rules & regs into computer simulations
Designed solutions for healthcare providers using data from both the largest government claims warehouse and the largest private claims warehouse in the U.S.
Launched the first cross agency open data initiative at U.S.HHS


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